5 Benefits of a clean kitchen canopy that you just can’t miss out on!

Do you own a restaurant?  If so, you might already know the benefits of a clean kitchen canopy system.  And you most probably are associated with one or multiple firms that help in protection from fire.  After all, the money and effort you have put into your business can’t be wasted upon the ignorant act of overlooking the importance of kitchen exhaust cleanings. Having clean kitchen canopies not only prevents all kinds of accidents causing fires, but definitely makes the kitchen a much safer place for your staff.  And the same goes for you if you are a homemaker instead of a business owner.

Having clean kitchen exhaust or canopy systems shall ensure that your kitchen and home is safe from fires.  And that’s only one benefit we are stressing on. Having a well-maintained and clean commercial kitchen canopy will show your employees that you care for them, as well as ensure that you care about the health and safety of the customers visiting your restaurant. We know you already care enough about your commercial or domestic kitchen. But is what you do enough? Here are a few strong reasons why you should have to go for periodic kitchen canopy cleaning. ACSUK Group is a professional in the matters of keeping your kitchen units clean and safely functioning.  This shall give you much lesser things to worry about; and help you concentrate on the more important aspects of business such as customer satisfaction.

Advantages of having a clean kitchen canopy system:

Now, as most of us already know, kitchens are one of the busiest places to be and especially the commercial ones.  And along with that, it is a hazard prone area too. As a responsible employer, you should make sure that all your employees are kept safe.  That’s precisely why you should carry about efficient restaurant risk assessment process and do whatever it takes to keep the danger away.  And one of the easiest ways is to keep your canopy clean. Don’t believe it?  Well, read on.

  1. Fire safety:  THE most important reason for you to have a clean kitchen canopy is the fire protection that comes with it. You are efficiently cleaning off your canopy system by degreasing it.  And thus, you are eliminating the presence of highly flammable grease and other potentially hazardous residues from your kitchen system. This not only protects your kitchen appliances and equipment from fire, but also the people of your kitchen.  So, basically it protects both the community and the property.
  2. Energy-efficient:  A clean kitchen canopy and ventilation system will make sure that your kitchen has a much better air flow. Better ventilation and regular cleaning shall ensure that the efficiency and the performance of your equipment is maintained for years to come.  And more productive or more efficient functioning implies a higher production at a lower cost. You will be, in fact, saving money on energy bills and maintenance charges over the long term.
  3. Environmentally friendly: The path by which grease enters your canopy system is by being vaporized starting from the stove top and ending till the rooftop.  This obviously implies that there is a lot of grease particulates in the kitchen air, and this could be a potential environmental hazard.  By choosing to go for periodic cleanings of your canopy system, you will actually be lowering the level of contaminated air. And obviously, it will be a big favour to the environment.
  4. Health protection:  By improving the quality of air and working conditions, you are actually boosting the health, morale and productivity of your workers.  As you are protecting your staff from airborne pollutants, you are bound to see increased efficiency and decreased absence due to illness factors.  So, if you want to see your workers present, with the least amount of absences, well you need to give them clean air to breathe. And the best way to do that is to keep the canopy clean.
  5. Odour removal:  Obviously, if you want to run a restaurant successfully, you need to make sure that your customers are happy.  They need to be able to enjoy a fine, healthy dining experience and not be intimidated by smoke or foul smell. So, you need to be absolutely sure that there’s no smell of grease coming in from the kitchen. Schedule regular cleanings and your customers will be enjoying fresh air while they dine on sumptuous food.

So, these were the main benefits that could be bestowed upon your kitchen if you make sure to keep a tab on cleanings your kitchen canopy on a regular basis.  You need to ensure a professional clean-up that will include all corners. And the customers surely will be happy to receive the highest standard of cleanliness possible.

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