The 3 Most Common Problems when it comes to Brick Slips and How to Avoid Them!

When it comes to wall finishes that you need to choose to elevate the look of your properties, it can be quite daunting and confusing. But, we are here to solve all your problems. Brick slips are the new-generation trend of feature walls and are a must to make that single wall or exterior stand out. Unlike their traditional mortar counterpart, these brick slips offer vapour permeability, are impact resistant and easy to clean and maintain. The brick slips offer a complete face-lift, and are also realistic looking, flexible, waterproof, UV resistant and so much more!

Brick-slip installation is super easy, and you can either hire a tile fitter or make a go at it if you are truly adventurous. These are the perfect creative weapons for renovators and architects, who help to make our designing dreams come true. And of course, it’s certainly much easier and quicker than having a brick wall built, right? So, it’s time you move over from old-age options and go for this new and popular technique of brick slip cladding. Apex Tilers are of the best professionals in London who could help you with that. They assure you of delivering the top-notch quality of brick slips, not to forget the myriad variety of patterns, colours, designs etc. that you can choose from.

Know how to overcome common brick slip problems:

Now, having said all of that, you might already have an idea, how great and trendy an option brick slips are for your properties. They will fetch in customers if installed in commercial spaces, and compliments if installed at your home. Installing Victorian tiles in London homes is also a quite popular and common phenomenon. So, go for a total or a partly installed brick slip work on your properties for a statement aesthetic. But, there are also certain problems that you need to steer clear of, and this is how you can do that:

Poorly designed: Designing a great brick slip wall definitely needs some planning and forethought. Even at times of creating simple tile rows, you need to carefully calculate and measure spaces, and use correct sized brick slips. The tiles won’t fit properly unless they are cut to size at the edges. If the design isn’t planned and executed properly, the wall could end up looking like a complete mess. And it shall be far from the beautiful, neat surface you were looking for.

Bad bonding: Brick slips need to be strongly adhered to the surface to achieve a smooth and stable outcome. If not attached properly, these may start to crack, fall off, or crumble. First, you need to know what kind of surface you are dealing with, and then choose the best adhesive for it. Getting this step wrong will ensure that the beautiful brick finish achieved at your home or business place won’t last for long. And we surely don’t want that, right?

Paying too much: There’s always the probability that you end up overpaying for the brick slip job. You might decide to do it yourself in order to save up money, but it actually might be the contrary. If you go the DIY way, you might have to pay more for the materials as you don’t know the correct suppliers. Also, there’s a greater chance to commit mistakes and having to redo things. Additionally, it might take you a lot of time. So, the best option is to hire an efficient professional, but also make sure that you aren’t paying too much or getting cheated.

So, these were some of the greatest potential issues that could arise, when you are working your way with brick slips. Hiring the correct people for it will ensure that the job is done right and there are no chances of miserable consequences of a bad installation (or design for that matter!).

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