Things to keep in mind when setting up an awesome contemporary kitchen

Designing an awesome kitchen is every woman’s dream; after all, who would not prefer a contemporary kitchen? Though you may not recognize it yet, the fact is that styles and trends change quite often, sometimes every few years. If you have not redesigned your kitchen in the last five years, then you no longer have a contemporary kitchen, it’s that simple. So, you have opted to redesign your kitchen and if your aim is to set up a contemporary version of the same, then here are a few things to keep in mind when doing so.

Five things you need to consider when redesigning your kitchen

  • Redirect traffic from the main core area of your kitchen: it is important that you keep the main working triangle of your kitchen free and that’s the triangle- your cooktop, refrigerator, and sink. This area needs to be free and it is always a good idea to direct traffic away from this area for obvious reasons.
  • Built-in appliances: For a functional kitchen and a modern look, it is always a great idea to make your various appliances look as if they have been built in, starting with the microwave, your gas connection, your oven, etc.  You can even make your fridge look as if it has been built in, for starters, your kitchen will stand out for the obvious reasons. You can also add side gables and make sure that the cabinets placed above are at least 24” deep.
  • Create the space: The most important thing that you need to remember is that all the appliances need some working space and that’s spot on when it applies to your stove. There’s no point in locating your kitchen stove to the corner for you may lack adequate space to turn the handle of the pot. That’s just an example but it should tell you that it is essential that you make sure that all the appliances in your kitchen come with the required working space and are not crowded together.
  • Select your various appliances before you start designing your kitchen: The first thing that you need to do is to make sure you design your kitchen around your various appliances than the other way about. There’s no point in designing the kitchen and then hunting for appliances that match the same.
  • Size matters: When you are purchasing your various appliances, you may want to take the size of the kitchen into consideration. If your kitchen is small, then naturally you will have to go for small appliances and avoid the large ones. Sure, the large one probably looks great and comes with better functionality. But when it occupies most of the space, it can cause a crimp in your plans.

These are some of the things that you need to keep in mind when going in for a contemporary look for your kitchen. What you need to realize above all is that space is at a premium especially when it comes to an important place like the ‘kitchen’. So you need to derive as much functional use as you can, out of your kitchen and create enough space for the various appliances. You can use corner storage cabinets to store various important items, make it seems that your appliances are all built in etc. By doing so, you should be able to conserve a decent amount of space and achieve the perfect look for your kitchen in the process. There are various styles and modes that you can go for but the one will make your kitchen stand out would be its contemporary look.

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