Want to Hire House Clearing Service? Keep these things in Mind!

Due to time constraints, busy work schedules, other family commitments having to Clear a House when the time arises is probably the last thing you would want to do, but it is an important job that needs doing in order to go to the next step of Selling or Renting out the Home. The time comes when the Home needs to be Cleared as a result of moving a family member to Aged Care, relocation due to Downsizing or a parental Separartion, and after the death of a loved one. Dealing with all these scenario’s is difficult on all the family and having to Clear a Home is extremely difficult for the family to deal with but is an important job for the Selling or Rental of the Property.

So, if you ever find yourself in such a situation, you can look into Estate Clearance in Melbourne, or Home Clearing, or Downsizing. Tim & Tina Home Declutter & Cleaning in Melbourne provides Comprehensive professional House Clearing services. Includes providing inventory of requested sentimental and valuable items, advice on how to Sell sellable items, arrange charity pickups, Rubbish Removal, Property Preparation (Domestic clean, carpet steam clean, window and grout cleaning, handyman repairs, painting). Whatever your Clearing requirement might be, Tim & Tina have the solution for you and 100% Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Things to consider before Hiring House Clearing services:

Due to the increasingly busy world we live in there is never enough time in the day. This is where house clearance in Melbourne comes into play. This is where Tim and Tina can help you and get the House Cleared and ready to put on the market for Sale or Rental in a very timely manner.You can contact them for a free quotation and discuss and agree on exactly what is required and services needed. However, here are a few things to consider before hiring them:

  • Cost: This is of course one of the important things to consider as all of us have a budget for everything. Before hiring Professional House Clearing Services there should be an initial showing of the home and a discussion between the parties so it is clear what is required and what services will be provided. You should receive a free The Quotation which should outline all  the Services that will be performed to support the Cost. The quotation should also show what deposit is required before starting the job and how payment should be made. For getting the best deal at the best price you can ask various House Clearing services to quote a price for the same amount of service and then compare them. It is however advisable to not always go for the cheapest one since there will be a difference in the quality of work provided.
  • Services: Make sure you understand all the Services that the House Clearing Company provides. Check that they Clear not only inside the home, but also in sheds, garages, around the yard, and even under the house. Also check all the services that they can provide after the House is cleared such as Cleaning Services including domestic, carpet, window and grout cleaning, handyman repairs, and painting. Also see if they can provide solutions so you can sell those unwanted goods, or arrange drop-off’s to Charity, or pickup’s by the Charity organisation.
  • References: If you want to make sure that the Business you have hired is the best and reputable, then request references from previous clients. Best to Call them and get there feedback on whether the job was done professionally and if they were 100% Satisfied with the completed job and services and solutions provided.. Also ask if you thought they were trustworthy as you may be relying on them to find, record, and handover any sentimental and valuable items that you believe are in the house. This way you can get a clear idea on which Clearing Company you feel best to go with to get the best possible result and  who will give you great value for your money spent.

These are the few things to consider before hiring house clearance services. Other than this, they not only take a huge load off your shoulder when you are swamped with a busy life schedule or not emotionally ready to take on the task in the case of deceased estates or moving a family member into Aged Care.

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